DIY Melted Crayon Art

So this past Friday night my friends and I were bored in our suite so we decided to make some crayon art that we had originally seen on Pinterest. (source:

Things you need: box of 64 crayons, a piece of museum board, cardboard, hot glue gun, and a hairdryer 

1. First I went out and bought a 64 box of crayons and a piece of white museum board and then organized  the crayons by color.

2. Then I laid them all out on the top of the museum board.


3. Then I hot-glued all of the crayons down and allowed time for it to dry. And then I placed the cardboard against the wall and propped the museum board up against it.


4. Once I was happy with the set up, I started the melting process by turning the hairdryer on to high and placing heat against the crayons they will start melting almost immediately.

5. Be careful because the wax will start to pool at the bottom so make sure there is something underneath.  

6. When you feel like you have melted the crayons to your liking let it dry before extracting it from the cardboard.

7. Once dry, hang it where ever and show off your masterpiece. 🙂

Ta-da! Hope you enjoyed! 🙂

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